hate has no home here

hate has no home here

Friends, welcome to this humble and heart-centered weaving of word, sound, and vision. Tune in for poetry, visual art, songs of healing, lyrical prose, and more — creative expressions of the beauty and struggles of our world, witnessed and held within the dazzling fullness of existence.    

Visit the About page to learn what moves me, and the Contact page to connect with me. The Portfolio page features a small sampling of recent works. You can subscribe to this blog via the sidebar. Posts and pages may include links like the one below, to share with you some of the works of others which inspire me to act with humility, courage, and solidarity.

Remember Beloveds, another world is possible. In the beautiful struggle for justice and healing, you are all a part of it. We are all a part of it.

Peace, and blessings…

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