homeward bound

homeward bound

what joy! what joy it is    
to emerge from the mist    
intact and integrated    
the shattered parts of me    
made whole, only to re-shatter, and be remade whole    
again, and again, and again, and again…    

my mind probes my heart    
and is satisfied    
i see my heart is not my own    
it is here to witness    
to help me learn who I am    
and what it is I am here to say and to be    
we must never give up    
never stop being in our hearts    
our hearts, which are not our own    
we are here to love radically, ceaselessly, fearlessly,    
tenderly, even when we break    

what joy! what joy it is
to reach back, far back and remember
the miracle of all the mistakes bringing me
tumbling into this space
rise with me
take my hand
take my hand and be free
take my hand and be the beings that we see
every palm holds and heals every hurt
wherever there’s a pair of us Fools
it’s all right there, moment to moment,
movement to movement

what joy! what joy it is
to step back into the mist
and know i will lose myself again
we will lose ourselves again
and dance in the dark, to bring on the light…

~Oakland, December 2018

dedicated to my fellow Faithful Fools, beloved CIIS co-hearts, and all those who are foolish enough to seek a revolution of the heart, personally and collectively, locally and globally.

with glowing gratitude for my dear RHR and SK, and the insight that “our hearts are not our own. they are here to witness.”

If you are moved to share this poem, feel free to do so by sharing a link to this page. In the words of Aurora Levins Morales, “Poetry is labor. Please respect it.” Thanks, loves.

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