what provokes me?

what provokes me?

patterns of peace and war    
hands that give life and take it    
unheard laments and voices silenced    
lost songs and acts of violence    

provoke me    

heartache that never seems to end    
empty promises and broken trust    
profound loneliness as my companion    
crowded trains brimming with unkindness    

provoke me    

and telling my untold stories   
seeing the path before me    
knowing peace is in every step   
in every smile, every hug, and every tear we share.    

i exist because we exist,
without you, without us,
without our bad jokes and secret handshakes
there would be no you, no me

let’s celebrate our gifts and heal
ourselves and our communities

let’s share and follow the deepest longings in our hearts
(someone once told me You put them there to guide us)

let’s reclaim and restore our humanity, our human beauty
so all beings may be happy and free

~Oakland, June 2018, summer solstice

Shared on this day with much love for my dear RG

If you are moved to share this poem, feel free to do so by sharing a link to this page. In the words of Aurora Levins Morales, “Poetry is labor. Please respect it.” Thanks, loves.

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